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Awarded "Vodka of the Year 2021" by the prestigious Chinese Wine and Spirits Awards (CWSA), Singularity is an organic vodka tuned to deliver a clean flavour and silky mouthfeel. The smoothest vodka known to science? We think so.

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Vanilla Vodka 70cl


Made using carefully-selected Madagascan Bourbon vanilla, Linden Leaf's Vanilla Vodka offers the complex, rich flavours of the finest vanilla. Enjoy chilled, on ice, or in the finest cocktails.


Le Rêve is an organic molecular absinthe produced using 15 botanicals, including anise, fennel and wormwood. It has an exceptionally long and complex flavour profile.


Carum is a clear aquavit produced using twelve botanicals, including caraway, sheep’s sorrel and Aztec sweet herb. It has an extraordinarily long and complex palate.

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Clear Espresso Martini is a ready-to-drink cocktail, combining a crystal clear coffee spirit with just a delicate hint of sweetness. Enjoy Clear Espresso Martini neat, on ice, or as part of the finest cocktails.