Yuzu is a citrus fruit, well-known in Japan and other parts of east Asia. In our opinion, it’s the best citrus fruit!

The zest is wonderfully aromatic, and even better, the oils and aromatic components are retained and enhanced when extracted into alcohol.

We get our supplies of Yuzu from Japan (the photo is of a packet of yuzu – spelled ゆず in Japanese). They are only in season in the winter months, and at other times of the year, we use frozen zest.

Luckily, Japanese producers take yuzu quality very seriously, and the frozen zest is just about as good as fresh, and sometimes strangely better, maybe because they zest immediately when the fruit is fresh from the farm.

Yuzu is an important ingredient for us, and it adds a fresh citrus element to our gins which we just can’t get from any other ingredient.

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